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  • Image of Perfect Scissors
  • Image of Perfect Scissors

Perfect scissors by Karen Kay Buckley.

These are by far my favorite scissors. I use the green ones all the time for cutting wool applique and small bits of fabric. They are excellent for getting into those small points and the handle is soft and flexible so they don't hurt my fingers... which is a bonus!

The large ones are excellent too, they even cut through thicker fabrics like butter!

The micro serrated blade on these scissors keeps fabric from slipping so cutting is more accurate. Also, it helps to prevent frayed edges and cuts up to 8 layers of cotton fabric easily. Each pair comes with a protective plastic cover.

Treat yourself to these scissors, you won't regret it!

4" small green: $19.95
6" medium blue: $25.95
7 1/2" large purple: $26.95

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